Brianna Petersen

PSA Four Paws Rescue

PSA Moondog Ball

We are going to take an upbeat approach to advocate the annual Moondog Ball. Our target audience would be adults 25-54 and college graduates. Upbeat jazz music will be playing in the background. Something catchy that makes you feel good. Clips of happy, energetic animals and people playing and having fun. Also, intending to make the audience smile. The overall style and mood would be to uplift spirits and get people into a generous mood. Hopefully they will want to donate money to the organization. We want to avoid sadness and pity. Brief description of Four Paws Rescue and the Moondog Ball. Last, a call to action to support this cause. The call to action would be in text to “support the forgotten animals and attend the Moondog Ball.” Estimated budget of $5,000 and would run the entire month leading up-to the event on all appropriate TV and radio stations.
TV Ad:

CLIENT: Four Paws Rescue TIME: 60s

TITLE: Moondog Ball DATE: TBD

00:00:00-00:03:00 Fade in to music and “American Dream” style house with dog and owner in front yard

 00:03:00-00:06:00 Upbeat jazz music: Michael Buble “Come Fly With Me” chorus starts and plays for the remainder of the commercial

00:06:00-00:8:00 Fade to happy generic golden retriever playing fetch with owner

00:08:00-00:10:00 Close up of dog catching Frisbee

00:10:00-00:12:00 Pull out to see whole house and yard and fade out

00:12:00-00:14:00 Fade to close up of little girl hugging a kitten

00:14:00-00:17:00 Kitten nuzzle little girls face purring.  Girl says “I love you, Wiskers”

 00:17:00-00:20:00 Fade to spokesman for Four Paws in Four Paws location

dolly in from extreme wide to close up

00:20:00-00:25:00 “Four Paws Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless dogs and cats like these.”

00:25:00-00:30:00 Fade to husband surprising wife with a puppy for Christmas.  Voice over of spokesperson: “Four Paws Rescue also removes animals from high-kill shelters and places them into loving, happy homes.” Fade out.

00:30:00-00:35:00 Fade to old people holding hands walking dog through a park extreme wide angle

00:35:00-00:45:00 Fade back to spokesman, wide angle, walking through shelter area with animals.  “But we can’t do it alone.  In order to continue saving these animals we need your help.   By making a donation to Four Paws Rescue you can give an animal a loving family and a second chance.

00:45:00-00:47:00 VOICE OVER SPOKESPERSON: “Moondog Ball is an annual fundraiser for Four Paws Rescue.”  Fade to close up of the Christmas couple dressed for Moondog ball in their home.  Husband puts wife’s necklace on.
00:47:00-00:55:00  VOICE OVER SPOKESPERSON: “January 26 at 7 pm at the Marriot in Logan come enjoy music, dancing, food, and a silent auction. Every penny raised helps the animals in need.” Zoom out wide angle.  Couple walking out the door and pet the dog on the way out.

00:55:00-01:00:00 Screen of Four Paws Rescue Information

Radio Ad:


MUSIC: Upbeat Jazz Music: Michael Buble “Come Fly With Me”

SFX: Dog barking in the distance

MALE V/O: “Four Paws Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless dogs and cats by removing animals from high-kill shelters and placing them into loving, happy homes .”

SFX: Little boy laughing and saying “Go fetch Rosko!”

MALE V/O: “The Moondog Ball is an annual Fundraiser to help Four Paws Rescue continue rescuing.  January 26 come to the Marriot in Logan at 7 pm to enjoy a night of music, dancing, food, and a silent auxion.  Every penny raised helps the animals in need.”



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