Brianna Petersen

PR Plan for the Crepery


  • To be the premier destination for students, residents and visitors to hang out and eat crepes.


  • Provide a low-key inviting atmosphere where customers can enjoy crepes, hang out, relax, read, study, etc.

History:  The Crepery has been opened since the fall of 2010. It is located at 130 North 100 East  Logan, UT 84321. The Crepery has been described by local food critiques as French style restaurant, serving exclusively their French style crepes.

Products and Services: Current Menu

  1. Garden Delight
    [parmesean cheese, arugula, avocado, capers]
    2. Italiano
    [pesto, mozzarella, tomatoes]
    3. Pepe Le Pesto
    [pesto, parmesan cheese, smoked turkey, roasted red peppers]
    4. Class Act
    [cheddar cheese, ham, cream cheese dill sauce]
    5. Rushmore
    [egg, pepper jack cheese, ham]
    6. Minimalist
    [butter, sugar]
    7. Sweet Bee
    [butter, honey]
    8. Nutie Fruity
    [nutella, strawberry or banana]
    9. Park Avenue
    [homemade custard, strawberry or banana]
    10. Polly Anna
    [butter, sugar, strawberry or banana]
    11. Scout Camp
    [marshmallow fluff, chocolate sauce, graham cracker]
    12. Sundance Kid
    [peanut butter, chocolate sauce]
    13. Seventh Habit
    [homemade custard, chocolate sauce, strawberry or banana]
    14. Jersey Diner
    [sausage, cheddar cheese, egg]
    15. Medussa
    [chicken, sun dried tomatoes, marinated artichoke hearts, asiago cheese, arugula]
    16. Cassanova
    [marinated artichoke hearts, tomatoes, asiago cheese, spinach, skhug]

17. G’Mornin Sunshine

[bacon, egg, cheddar cheese, maple syrup]
18. Pin-Up 
[cheese cake filling, strawberries, and chocolate sauce]

Environment/Ambience: A local critic wrote, “ Atmosphere is contemporary / hipster, but casual enough for anyone to be comfortable.” That is what the owners are attempting to create an artsy but comfortable above all area to enjoy the experience/food/company.

Customers: Originally they planned on opening up in the TSC and focusing on the student population. But because of their new location the College student demographic according to the owners has not been too easy to get them to come into the store. The Crepery has had considerable success with the seasonal snow bird senior citizens during the summer.  Their new direction will be the year around citizens of Cache Valley.

  • Middle aged parents
  • High school students
  • High school students
  • Summer snowbirds
  • Coffee drinkers
  • Date night couples
  • Hipsters

Competitive Situation

  • There are no other restaurants in Cache Valley that serve specifically European-style crepes.
  • There are restaurants like IHOP and Village Inn that serve Americanized breakfast-style crepes.
  • The owner feels that the closest competitors to his business are Great Harvest and Café Ibis. These two restaurants are the closest competition because of the environment, similar direction in artesian type food menu, and similar target audience. Though they are similar to the Crepery each occupies different niches.

Stakeholders and Partners

  • Gabriel Anderson is the sole owner of the Crepery.
  • The Crepery shares business space with Citrus and Sage. They share rent and utilities so they are somewhat considered to be partners.

Organizational Objective

  • Increase sales over the year, consistently.
  • Increase the awareness of the Crepery to local Cache Valley Residents.
  • Create more repeat customers from locals.
  • Increase sales from all Crepery services including catering, and takeout.
  • Build a better local resident customer base.

PR Objectives

    • Increase local awareness of the Crepery by 20% by August 2012
    • Increase awareness of the Crepery’s location and products by 20% by August 2012
    • Create interest in giving a first try to the Crepery by March 2012
    • Increase activity on social media by 20% by March 2012

The Crepery is currently using the following marketing and public relations strategies to promote itself

    • Cache Valley Direct Savings card
    • Ads that run before movies at local movie theatres
    • Touch-screen concierge at the Marriot hotel

Future Strategies

    • Deals for special events/holidays
    • Social media daily deals
    • Events such as Farmers’ Market, Bridal Fairs, Business Expo
      • Free samples
      • Deals if catered events booked that day
      • Show that all Crepes are made from fresh ingredients

Key Messages

  • We offer authentic crepes.  No other place in town gives you a taste of Europe through authentic Crepes.
  • Not overpriced.  Compared to other restaurants of similar style, we offer better quality at an affordable price.
  • Fresh, not frozen.  Our Crepes are made from fresh ingredients right in front of you.  We don’t use fruit that has been sitting in the bag in a freezer, we use produce that has not shared a room with ice.
  • Great hang out spot.  There are books available to read, art shows, comfy couches and chairs.  If you want to bring your friends for a game night that’s fine with us.
  • Coffee and great food in one location.  You can have both without having to get coffee from one place and food at another.
  • Great place to relax.  The atmosphere we’ve created is one of relaxation to get away from the everyday crazy life.  It’s quiet enough you can have some ‘you’ time but open enough that you can chat with your friends without bothering anyone or being interrupted by waiters/waitresses.

Key Dates: (through summer 2012)

1/01/2012                                         For every True Aggie night bring in your induction  card to get half off a Crepe

1/05/2012                                         Send invite to local bloggers to come in and try food
                                                           Contact local movie theaters to rent a spot on screen

1/07/2010                                         Begin daily deals on social media
                                                           Contact USU bookstore to get a coupon in coupon books
                                                           Contact other local coupon bundlers to get a coupon in other books

1/09/2012                                         Look up local events for the next year and book a spot

1/16/2012                                         Soul Crepes for Martin Luther King Day

1/25/2012                                         Art show with “Art Crepes” which are artistically styled


2/14/2012                                         Date night: buy one get one half off with purchase of drinks, crepes Valentine colored

3/17/2012                                         Green Crepes with rainbow colored filling and pot of gold hunt, winner gets a free Crepe

4/07/2012                                         Easter Egg hunt

5/13/2012                                         Bring in your mom get half off a Crepe with purchase of drinks

6/2012                                               Snow Birds Arrive

7/04/2012                                         Red, White, and Blue Crepes

7/24/2012                                         Honey Crepes to celebrate the Beehive State

Evaluation Plan:
·         Determine growth of “likes” and followers on social media
·         Determine if there is an increase in traffic in Crepery
·         Determine growth of catered events (break down into specific genres of events)
·         Determine number of coupons used and from which coupon book
·         Determine number of customers who mentioned they heard about Crepery from              blogger
·         Determine number of customers who came in during special deal events


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