Brianna Petersen

About Me

Welcome to my blog! To start things off I’ll give you a little inside scoop of myself.  My name is Brianna but most people call me Bri.  I grew up all over the state of Utah multiple places from St. George to where I am now in Logan but I graduated from Weber High School in North Ogden Utah.

I’m now attending Utah State University and am just finishing up my junior year.  I’m majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Art and once I graduate I’d like to be an Events Coordinator for a company.  I’m also very involved in the Huntsman School of Business on campus being the President of the Entrepreneurship Club.  Because of my involvement with the Entrepreneurial Programs at Utah State I’ve become very interested in the business side of things so my hope is that I can do events on the corporate level.

Because I’m minoring in art you probably guessed that I like to draw and paint and you are right!  I haven’t kept up my skill as much as I should have while I’ve been in college but in high school I entered competitions and shows all the time and even sold some work.  Once I graduate I’d like to start really painting again.  But visual art is not all I’m interested in, I also love singing, playing the piano, and being somewhat involved with the theater arts.

Although I’m somewhat of a girlie girl I know my way around a tool belt.  After working in a boat shop for two summers, at a boat rental/campground at Bear Lake  for another summer, and in Mexico building houses I have learned a lot (well, for a girl) about mechanics, driving tractors, and manual labor and the crazy thing is I actually enjoy it!

Random Fact:  I’m addicted to Country Swing Dancing.  In the past two years I have gone twice a week almost every week that I have been in Logan.

Feel free to check out my pages to see what else I’ve got going on!


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