Brianna Petersen

Proposal Letter Final

Dear Paul,

Enclosed is the proposal I promised you.  I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help.  Having the opportunity to work with the Petco foundation over the past few years has made me realize what a caring organization it is.  I’ve been extremely impressed by your enthusiasm in placing pets in adoptive homes.  As a result of your help we have been able to save many animals from high risk environments and place them in loving homes.  I want to thank you for you support and I hope we will be able to continue working together.

I will call you next week to discuss this proposal. As always, please don’t hesitate to call me if you have questions or if I can be of further assistance.

I hope we can continue working together into the future.


Bri Petersen

Paul Jolly, Executive Director

Petco Foundation

7262 North Rosemead Blvd.

San Gabriel, CA 91775

FAX: (858) 909-2618

Dear Mr. Jolly,

Four Paws Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue and shelter located in Millville, Utah.  We rescue dogs and cats from crisis situations and work to place them in loving, happy homes.  After rescue, we place the animals in foster homes until more permanent families can be found.  We have some on-site housing for dogs and cats, but we would love to expand our facilities.  Because of your commitment to improve the quality of life of animals and their owners, we are asking you for help.  We need $100,000 to expand our facilities and provide higher quality care for the animals we house.  By partnering in this endeavor, we both can continue the important work of helping pets find loving, lifelong homes.

Petco Foundation’s mission is, “To raise the quality of life for pets and the people who love and need them.”  You share our belief that adoptable pets should not be euthanized and our commitment to spaying/neutering pets.  You have a history of supporting small, humane non-profits and currently partner with over 7,500 local animal-wellfare organizations nationwide.  In 2009, Four Paws Rescue received a $14,500 grant from your organization to support our pet  adoption program.  We also received a Petco award after the “National Spay Neuter Drive.”

Despite our best efforts, there are still animals in Cache Valley that are in need of help.  We have been able to save many but we are quickly outgrowing our current facilities.  We want to build a new wing which will house 25 additional dogs and 25 additional cats. We will also use a portion of the money for advertising to increase awareness among the community which would lead to an increase in adopted animals.

We are confident that, with your help, we can get closer to ending the euthanization of adoptable pets in Cache Valley.  By building larger facilities, we can house a greater number of pets that would otherwise be left in crisis situations.  With the money you donate, we can provide a higher quality of life for the animals while they are waiting to be adopted into permanent homes.  We can  also run an ad campaign promoting our adoption services to ensure these animals end up in happy, loving homes.

Since starting operations in 2000, Four Paws Rescue has placed more than 4,000 dogs and cats in permanent homes.  Our proven system of holding animals in our shelters or placing them in foster care before adoption has enriched the lives of many animals and  people in Northern Utah.  If you agree to partner with us, the proposed expansion would be overseen by Lisa Shaw, the director of Four Paws Rescue.

To continue our important work, we are asking for $100,000.  This money would pay for expanded facilities that would allow us to house 33 percent more animals than we are currently able to.  It would also pay for an ad campaign to promote our adoption services throughout northern Utah.  Every year, your foundation gives millions of dollars to programs just like ours, and we have received grants from you in the past.  Please continue to support us.  By working together toward our common goals, we can end the suffering of animals here in Cache Valley and throughout the country.  If you have questions or need more information, please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your consideration

Bri Petersen 801-555-4888

Amanda Harris 801-555-4889

Katie Duncan 801-555-4887

Description Page

The Newsletter is sent to known supporters, donors, and adoptive owners to keep them informed with general news about Four Paws Rescue.  Through the newsletter this audience will be informed on upcoming events, growth, and stats of the organization.  There is also a featured pet in each issue that will keep the readers informed on the pets throughout the year.

Budget:  $10 to account for cost of creating it.  Send to 300 people via email.

81/2×11 double sided, sent out monthly

After reviewing similar publications we decided to go with this format.  We chose it because it’s simple and has a balance between graphics and text.  The pictures are meant to evoke emotion and to give a visual of our activities.  The neutral colors were chosen because they have a calming feeling and we don’t want the organization to seem flashy.  We are using calisto mt body font because it is not the standard font but looks professional.

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