Brianna Petersen

Proposal Letter Draft

Brianna Petersen

Amanda Harris

Katie Duncan

Proposal Letter

Part 1: Front Matter

  • Cover letter
  • Table of Contents

Part 2: Executive Summary

  • Four Paws Rescue
  • Rescue pets from high risk shelters to give them a second chance, non profit
  • We want them to give us money so we can expand our facilities to house more animals.  We’d also use the money to promote our services to get more people to adopt
  • Asking for $30,000
  • Increase number of pets housed by 25 percent and give better quality housing and care for those sheltered. Increase awareness among community which would lead to an increase in adopted animals

Part 3: Body

  • In the past sponsored us with almost $15,000 which greatly helped our efforts in maintaining a healthy environment for the animals
  • Petco Foundation’s mission is “to raise the quality of life for pets and people who love and need them.” This is also what Four Paws does.
  • By sponsoring Four Paws, the foundation can fulfill their mission of helping pets.  By assisting us in expanding out facilities and operation, Petco Foundation can reach their goals of  reducing the number of euthanized pets and rescuing animals in crisis.
  • By expanding our facilities and promoting our services, we can raise the quality of life for pets both while they are with us and after they are adopted.  With larger facilities we can house 25 percent more animals in a high quality environment.  By promoting our services to the community, we give the animals a better chance of being adopted into a happy home.
  • Four Paws Rescue is an established non-profit that has been in operation since 2000.  We wish to expand our successful program of rescuing endangered pets and placing them with loving families.
  • We are asking for $30,000 dollars.  This money will pay for high quality housing and care for 25 percent more animals than we are currently able to help.

Part Four: Conclusion

  • We feel that it would be in both of our best interests if PetCo were to donate
  • Contact Katie Duncan at

Part Five: End Matter

  • Petco foundation website
  • Four Paws Rescue website
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4 thoughts on “Proposal Letter Draft

  1. annie jackson on said:

    Looks like you guys have a great start. You have everything very well organized. Good job team!

  2. Great Job you guys. I realize this is a draft, and you have more additions, but your format really helped our group format ours. Well done!

  3. good job, nice draft, look over the wording in a couple areas, awesome.

  4. Kandace on said:

    It looks like a great outline, I am sure the finished product will be fabulous! I like how you kept the parts titled and used bullets, it made it easy to read as a draft. Looking forward to seeing final.

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