Brianna Petersen

Online Stalking Victim: Sarah Foote

TO:  Sarah Foote

FROM:  Brianna Petersen

DATE:  November 16, 2011

SUBJECT:  Creepin Online

After spending less than an hour looking online at information about you I discovered quite a bit.  First of all, there is a Sarah Foote who designs lamps.  She has a blog with different styles of cute lamps that she runs a business off of.  It didn’t take me too long to discover this, in fact, wasn’t you.  So I tried Googling your name again, this time with location specifications and found out some interesting information.

First of all, you’re from Kensington, New Hampshire now going to Utah State University studying Public Relations with a Marketing and Multimedia minor.    You turned 21 last May and took a trip to DC possibly as a celebration of your birthday.  Sometime over the summer you started dating my Uncle’s brother (small world) and went on a trip with him to Lake Powell.

You love boating and photography, and are good at it too.  This fall you did the Man vs. Mud run and you’re a very social person.  For Halloween you were a s’more with your boyfriend, Scot, and his sister, Shebly.  You and Scot also carved a pumpkin of the NYC skyline probably because you are from back east and he has family that lives there.

As far as entertainment goes, you would rather go out and do something than be entertained by something.  You’re not a big TV watcher although you like movies and books- and the Boston Red Sox (shame shame). You are somewhat sporty having been a little league soccer and softball coach and referee.  Alternative, chill music is your type and just from knowing some of your favorite artists, the genre may even be classified as ‘hipster.’

Most of your work experience has been in the food industry; waitressing, bussing, etc.  But you have also worked in customer service at Hollister and Primary Care Pediatrics, which is where you currently are employed.

Two summers ago you spent a few months in Belize volunteering with Help International where you had both leadership experience and got to practice your photography skills.  Obviously you are a very caring, friendly person who likes adventures.  This is not only evident in your experience volunteering but also in the fact that you have over 1,000 friends and a similar number of pictures on Facebook.

I hope that I haven’t gotten any wrong information from my “Stalkbooking” you.

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One thought on “Online Stalking Victim: Sarah Foote

  1. Bri,
    Great post! I think you found lots of really good information. It’s crazy how much you can find out about somebody in less than an hour thanks to social media. Nice job!
    -Savannah Forsberg

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