Brianna Petersen


These days there’s so much social media and technology going around that it seems like you hear “there’s an app for that” for just about everything.  From being able to check your bank account to playing a game to picking out a movie you can do so many more things from your current location than ever before.  Some are business related, some are social, and some are just for fun.  Let’s talk about the business ones.

It seems to me that if there is a use for a website in a business there is a use for an app.  Many businesses have websites but, strangely, there isn’t a large percentage of busniesses that have apps.  In an article entitiled Mobile Business Intelligence: Slow Start, Bright Future I found out that only about 8 percent of businesses are using Business Intelligence (apps).  This is definitely a smaller percentage than what I would have expected! But about 30 percent plan to in the next year.  So maybe they’ve been a little slow to get going but even with the potential of having three times as many business apps a year from now, 30 percent seems small to me.

Another article I found on Mashable entitled How 5 Companies are Using the iPad to Increase Productivity talks about how diverse the possibilities are with these new apps.  For example a gym for dogs has an app that allows a barcode dog tag to be scanned in that will automatically bring up the dog’s history and whatever information they may need.  Race car drivers also use them for visualization of the track and for those who do their pit stops to be able to track exactly where they are.  This helps ensure the efficiency of the pit stops and to get rid of the paperwork.

There’s so much potential with the apps because the iPad has become such a great hit, being more practical than a laptop for lots of people.  Now it will be interesting to see how the apps change and modify in the future.

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