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Search Engine Optimization

Until recently whenever I would hear anything about “SEO” it reminded me of a “CEO” which is completely unrelated to Search Engine Optimization.  I’ve come to find out that is what “SEO” stands for.  So, because of my background knowledge on the subject (basically none) I really needed to find an article or two that simplified the whole concept for me.  Thankfully I found an excellent one called 10 Basic SEO Tips to Get You Started.  Apparently there are some strategic things you can do to bring your website up on the Google scale so more people click on your website when searching related topics.  So this doesn’t go on and on I’ll just give the basics of the 10 things it talked about.

  1. Monitor where you stand- you’ve gotta do research in order to know how you can improve.
  2. Keywords, keywords, keywords- be strategic using the right ones, quality over quantity.  Apparently those who use too many keywords can get labeled as “spammers.”
  3. Link back to yourself- keep them running circles around you.
  4. Create a sitemap- a similar concept to linking back to yourself.
  5. Search friendly URL’s- make your URL’s clear with keywords that make sense.  If your web address has a couple key words that searchers are looking for than surely your website has what they’re looking for.
  6. Avoid Flash- SEO deals with words, not graphics.
  7. Image descriptions- again, SEO deals with text, not words in your picture.
  8. Content- keep it updated.
  9. Social Media distribution- some love it, some view it more as a necessary evil.  Either way face it, social media is crucial.
  10. Link to others- similar to the idea of “I scratch your back, you scratch mine.”

Once I read through the 10 ways to get started I was able to understand the next article, How to Use HTML Meta Tags.  Apparently you can put in meta tags that are like additional keywords that may not be specifically mentioned but are related to your website.  Who knew you could tell the search engines that you have information about something that’s not mentioned on your homepage?

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2 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization

  1. I don’t know if you remember this, but I work with SEO and Social media for work just about everyday. I feel like most people still don’t know what I am really talking about when I say that I do quite a bit of SEO and social media work for my job.

    Looks like a great blog, what kinds of things are you going to write on here?

    • It’s for my PR writing and Social Media classes so anything from Press Releases to responses to articles will be on here. I actually thought about you when I was looking up stuff for this because I remember talking to you about it… On the streets on NYC…. Good times 🙂 But you are the master at this! You’ll have to update me on your stuff and how it went!

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