Brianna Petersen

Email pitch

Information that could be worth millions for members of Cache Valley

Editor of the Cache Valley Magazine, Jeff Hunter,

The Cache Valley Area Investors Association is an organization of community members working together to achieve financial independence.  The Association is based on the belief that anyone can become financially independent through passive income; meaning investments.  CVAIA members believe that even college students can begin working toward this goal and have reached it by age 35.

About every other week the CVAIA holds meetings, which are open to the public, at the Chamber of Commerce.  The goal of the meetings is to educate the community so that they can achieve their financial goals.

I really believe that doing a spotlight on the CVAIA would fit in to the finance series you’ve been publishing in the Cache Valley Magazine.  The activities of the Association are applicable to all of the residents of the Cache Valley Area and the information provided could be worth millions.

Cache Valley Area Investors Association (CVAIA) teaches people how to increase passive income. CVAIA embraces the Law of Attraction, Law of Abundance, and Law of Exchange. CVAIA began in August 2007 and now has members from many geographical locations and from all walks of life. The members come together with the same belief: That education mitigates he risks of investing.

If you want any other information about the CVAIA let me know.  In case you don’t already have my contact information you can reach me at or 801-603-4141.

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