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Draft Press Release 2: Image Management



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Burger Planet is helping customers stay healthy.


GARY, IN-  Burger Planet is adding a variety of health-friendly options to their menu including fruit and low-fat, low-carb substitutions.

Burger Planet had always been known for its simple combination of burgers, fries, and a soft drink.  But with the rising concern of obesity Mr. Meullenbach, owner of Burger Planet, has decided to help his customers make healthy choices while still enjoying the same service they love from Burger Planet.   According to Burger Planet’s top chef Gerard DuBois, they have a competitive advantage of offering many fruit options to the menu such as apples, grapes, peaches, pineapples, or bananas.

Burger Planet, founded in 1934, has served over 52 billion customers.  Headquartered in Gary, Indiana it is the leader of the Quick Service Restaurant Industry and employs 48,272 people and has franchises in every state and 17 countries totaling 8,921.  Its founder, James E. Muellenbach I is now retired and president of the QSR Association.


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One thought on “Draft Press Release 2: Image Management

  1. amanda harris on said:

    I saw a few things missing. There wasn’t a date or a sub-heading. Also, Indiana should be abbreviated according to AP style. A quote or two is needed. I would mention Jayne somewhere too. Other than that, looks like a great start.

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