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Is Blogging Really Necessary?

I seem to be asking myself this question quite a bit.  To me, it’s just one more thing to have to worry about.  With all the other social media sites out there that appeal to my ADD much more than reading someone’s opinion it’s hard for me to justify reading a blog.  But, there must be something to this blogging madness because it seems like everyone has one.  So, I decided to do the classic college student thing and Google my question, “Is blogging worth it?”  I found two articles that seemed to at least somewhat share my point of view; “When a Business Should NOT Blog” and “Is Blogging Worth It?”

In the article, “When a Business Should NOT Blog,” Dave Taylor lays down the law of what is and isn’t appropriate for businesses (and even other bloggers in my opinion) to blog about.  He first talks about the convenience and “finability” that blogging has.  An example he gave was if a doctor wanted to inform people about the science behind the practice and that was all he wanted to use the internet for, he should have a website, not a blog because the information isn’t generally something people would be interested in.  But if the doctor wanted to answer questions patients commonly asked him, a blog would be a good thing because it’s something people can connect to and find use of.  But even still, it is essential that whoever is writing the blog posts be a good writer or else the blog is worthless.

He goes on to say that there is a difference between personal blogging and professional blogging.  He says that, “..there are specific topics that I believe you shouldn’t blog about, even if you’re the most zealous and enthused of business bloggers. Personnel issues? Customers suing you? Spouse just ran off with someone else? Kids thrown in jail? Have a strong partisan reaction to political news? All of these are topics that should stay far, far away from any sort of business blog.”

In the article “Is Blogging Worth It?” James attempts to answer this question by talking about all that a successful blog entails.  I didn’t realize how much upkeep is involved but as a blogger you’ve always got to be coming up with new, interesting topics, stay up to date on the current trends of whatever it is you blog about, find a way to get advertisers and once you have them keep them happy, and even invest some of your own money into your blog to make sure it’s a good one.  I share similar ideas with him; even though it seems like everyone is into this new trend in social media, it’s ok not to get involved in it.  Blogging isn’t for everyone, if spending your time and money elsewhere is going to help you in life more than being a blogger, then by all means do that something else!  Some are able to be successful with their blogs and even genuinely enjoy it but it’s ok to be one of the “pessimists” and not be part of the blog community.

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2 thoughts on “Is Blogging Really Necessary?

  1. Sometimes I think people forget that personal blogging and professional blogging are two different things. I don’t know who Dave Taylor is, but I am glad we share that same opinion

  2. That last comment was left by me ^^

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