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Social Media Club Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 13, 2011

Social Media President Announces Social Media Club of Cache Valley

Social Media Club

Draft Press Release 1: Announcement



LOGAN, UTAH-  The Social Media Club of Cache Valley is excited to help promote the American Festival Chorus this year.  The Club hopes to take on more clients throughout the year who would like help with social media.  “In this world there is no reason to be silent; everyone has something to say,” says Preston Parker, president of the Social Media Club.  With 170 members there is plenty of skill to go around because, according to Parker, social media is not just a fad that is going to go away; people need to not be afraid but understand how to use it.

“Get it, share it.” Is the slogan of the club.  Members of the club believe that social media can be used as a productive tool to make things more efficient than they might otherwise be, says Parker.  Social media users can take advantage of this tool to promote a business or organization and stay in touch with others.  To become better at these skills the club meets the second Tuesday of every month at a local Cache Valley restaurant for what they call a “Tweet Up.”  These meetings include guest experts in social media, training on how to most effectively use social media, and discussions on how social media is changing the way we communicate.  Parker invites anyone who is interested in learning more about social media to come to the casual, friendly environment of the meetings.




The Social Media Club of Cache Valley, started in the fall of 2009, was the second of four chapters in Utah and is now part of a global organization of Social Media Clubs around the world.  The club’s goal is to educate people on how, when, and why to use social media.  The club is non-exclusive and has no membership dues so that anyone can attend the monthly meetings to become better acquainted with social media and its potential.



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2 thoughts on “Social Media Club Press Release

  1. Brianna,

    Wow, great job on this press release. I thought is was unique that you started your press release off talking about how they are promoting the American Festival Chorus. I also liked the last paragraph where you gave the history of the club. Good information! I also think the format looks great! Awesome job!

    -Savannah Forsberg

  2. I liked the direct quote you got from Preston: “In this world there is no reason to be silent; everyone has something to say,”
    I liked how you talked about this organization being used as a tool to promote business, that is what I am using social media for currently. Great job!

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