Brianna Petersen

Organizations and Social Media

Chatting, stalking, and poking are what most Facebook is commonly known for.  But to a business, social media can be much more important than looking at your neighbor’s spring break pictures.  Businesses of all shapes and sizes have jumped on the band wagon of the newest form of communication through cyberspace.  Facebook and Twitter provide a unique advantage over traditional marketing methods because they are able to be a part of the conversation.

According to an article entitled “3 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Social Media to Drive Customer Loyalty” small businesses need to; listen to the conversation, get social, and engage customers.  By listening to the conversation businesses can get the inside scoop on what customers are saying which can greatly help them in providing better customer service without taking time to review comment cards or surveys.  Not only does social media make things easier but customers will likely be more honest about their experience to other potential customers than in a comment card.

Everyone loves a social butterfly.  Businesses can be that butterfly online by making their social media fun and interesting for their followers.  Making posts fun and interesting will drive people to their page which can turn into an excellent form of advertising because the business is communicating the same way as the public.  A simple post could turn into an entire conversation on Facebook between hundreds of people providing the business not only with publicity but also valuable feedback and information about their customers.  It’s easy for everyone and there’s no better way to promote than on the same level as those you’re promoting to.

They say the best things in life are free.  Social media is (usually) free which provides a huge advantage over traditional methods of advertisement such as newspaper ads, commercials, or the guy in the funny outfit dancing on the corner.  With Twitter’s limited number of characters allowed in a tweet, tweeters are forced to get creative in order to get their message out.  But the announcement is instant. Traditional advertisements take days to get the message out sometimes but followers on Twitter will know in a matter of seconds.  As one of the newest ways to advertise it can also be one of the most effective if it’s used right.

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2 thoughts on “Organizations and Social Media

  1. Hey Brianna, great job on this! I love that you used this article, especially when we have been discussing these things with relation to our client. I thought that the ideas in here are good ones, and go right along with the ideas we talked about.

  2. I think you made some really great points. Everyone does love a social butterfly, and a business who is active on social networks will become more prominent in your mind. What a great way to build customer relationships.

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